Real Time Train station Timetables Display.

Real Time Train station Timetables Display.

Train Station Display Simulator è un progetto realizzato con Bootstrap per la grafica, Sinatra framework per il backend basato sul linguaggio di programmazione Ruby e la gemma Ruby station_master.

Train Station Display Simulator is a project meant to give the opportunity to consult italian train timetables in your browser as of you are standing in front of the phisical timetables display at a train station chosen by you.

It has been developed using Bootstrap for the frontend. It is composed by a basic ‘One Page’ template to let the user chose the italian train station with JQuery autocompletition feature and a page that reflects the usual times table black and yellow present in main italian stations.

the landing page

For the application server backend I used Sinatra a lightweight Ruby framework.
The application uses a Ruby gem station_master that I developed to get all the times data from an unprotected api that the website exposes.