testimonial 3

Hello and welcome! I am Stefano and this is my website.

You can find here my thoughts, my projects, stuff I'm hacking on and all that I find curious and interesting. What I like the most is experimenting and combining technologies to make new interesting things. I also love writing elegant software and dealing with soldering and electronics.

I strongly believe in Open Source Software and Open Hardware You may want to have a look at my Github profile.

I had some speaker experiences where I enjoyed having the opportunity to spread my knowledge and confront me with other people.

At the moment I'm working as a Software Engineer at TheFork a TripAdvisor company, You can have a look at my full resume if you want to know more about my working experience.

You can drop me a couple of lines by email at stefano.ordine@gmail.com if you want to keep in touch.

Enjoy! :-)